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Can we Redirect every Posts to another website automatically in Wordpress?

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asked Feb 11 in WordPress by Lalit .

1 Answer

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answered Feb 26 by maxdai .
Yes you can.

First you should setup your homepage as a custom static page, an option found under Appearance >> Customize >> Homepage Options. (changes in option vary according to themes used)

There you will find two options: Homepage & Posts Page. Set homepage to a custom static page and create a new page for posts page. You will find both options there.

After creating a custom Homepage and posts page, you need to copy or note the URL of posts page.

Then install a new plugin named "Redirection" by visiting Plugins >> Add New and activate the plugin.

Upon activation you will see a new option in menu called "Redirection". Click on it and click add new.

Now you will see options such as source URL, target URL and redirection type.

First of all,  change redirection type to 301 permanent redirection. Then fill source URL box by adding link of your custom posts page such as /posts/.* or /blog/.* or whatever it may be. In target URL box, set their new address and you are done.

Don't forget to click save.

Thanks for asking.

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