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Prototype 2 lags in my pc ...why??

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asked Feb 11 in Other by Shrestha punk .
Mine PC has 4 GB ram and app.6GB graphics of AMD and the system requireents of prototype 2 is only 2 gb ram..but also it is lagging in my PC..Even GTAV doesn't lags..BUT HOW IT IS LAGGING???IS THERE ANY PROBLEM????

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answered Feb 23 by eRRoR .
There may be 2 reasons for this:

1) Graphics card drivers are not installed.(This doesn't seem to be the problem here cause you say gta 5 works fine for you.)

2) It's the game engine to blame. This particular game lagged in my laptop too(4 gb graphics onboard) when I ramped up the settings.

And you might have noticed that game really starts to lag when rainfall occurs in the game. Try disabling rain feature if possible.

Have a good day.

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