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How to Activate windows 10 without serial key

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asked Feb 23 in Microsoft by melliza99 .
i want to know is there any way to activate windows 10 and microsoft office? im trial period ending tomorrow. please help

3 Answers

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answered Feb 23 by sighkhan34 .
yes you can do that. what you have to do it download the Microsoft toolkit 2.6.7 version. then use Ez activator option.  it will automatically activate your windows 10 and office package.

download - http://freemicrosofttoolkit.com/

Note - you have to Disable windows defender till finish the process of toolkit
commented Feb 23 by melliza99 .
hello. thanks..  how can i stop the windows defender
commented Feb 23 by sighkhan34 .
Use these steps if you need to temporarily turn off Windows Defender Antivirus; however, if you do, your device may be vulnerable to threats.

    Open Windows Defender Security Center, then select Virus & threat protection > Threat settings.

    Turn off Real-time protection.

        Note: Scheduled scans will continue to run. However, files that are downloaded or installed will not be scanned.
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answered Mar 1 by mebigyan01
There is a tool named "KMSpico" which is very efficient and easy to use. It can not only activate Windows but also Office Packages.
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answered Mar 1 by phantomroshan .

You must download KMPICO activator which helps you to get rid of that

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